Building a better future through innovation and technology.

We live on a planet with 7.8 billion people, which has grown exponentially in the past 200 years.

This growth has not always been synonymous with progress for humanity.

Despite many improvements, we pressured the natural balance using resources in an unsustainable way, bringing people together in urban centers, destabilizing the meaning of truth, democracies, and generating strong social inequalities risking everyone’s future.

We believe that technology is a solution when aligned with a vision of progress – the technology as a culture, changing behaviors, generating a positive impact for all.

Source: WikiMedia Commons / J. Bradford DeLong, “Estimating World GDP, One Million B. C. – Present” (1998)

Technology creates inclusion, access, economy, connection, proximity, transparency, scalability. Technology has the power to solve many of the world’s problems. It is the entrepreneur’s responsibility to use it to improve people’s lives.

Through technology, we help entrepreneurs and companies to build new, more collaborative, more transparent, more efficient and more sustainable economic models.

We respect entrepreneurship, for being entrepreneurs. We understand large corporations to have worked with and within them for years.

We connect technological entrepreneurs, large corporations, investors, engineers, executives, academics in our ecosystem, generating new winning models adapted to the new times.

We reprogram growth, accelerating and maximizing return for companies, people, communities and the world. It is our reason for existing.

We are a new type of organization, transporting people and businesses to the New Economy.

Our independent, open and AI / data driven platform allows us to look forward to years and invest today in the entrepreneurs, models, products and services of this more prosperous and inclusive future.

Today, we are proudly the largest and best independent startup community in Brazil. With 300 startups and 65 corporations already partnering with the District, in addition to the 12,500 startups we follow in Latin America.